Friday, April 29, 2011

Mayhem and misery strike residents of Tuscaloosa

Whitney Carter experiences disbelief.
On Wednesday April 27, 2011 an EF-5 tornado barreled through Alabama. I live in Tuscaloosa and survived the devastating tornado along with friends and family, but I wish I could say the same for some. I knew three people that passed away and knew one since I was a young kid. The devastation and destruction are considered a natural disaster. Mayor Walt Maddox has made numerous statements and gave his greatest condolences to the victims of this tornado that wreaked havoc on the 94,000 residents of Tuscaloosa. 

 "I can’t put into words the amount of destruction,” Maddox informed. “The tornado traveled along a 5.9 mile path, with anywhere between one half and one mile width of destruction. There is no easy path out. There is no easy solution.”
 I watched the tornado on the TV until it got so close it cut our cable off. We then took shelter in my roommate's interior bathroom. There were seven of us in the bathroom. The females were in the tub and the males sat in the floor. Each one of us had a pillow on top of our heads and covers over that. The door was closed and there was only one window in the room outside the door, but we saw a flash of light that could have been either a transformer that blew or lightning. After that we heard a lot of wind, an indescribable sound, then there was a crash (which proved to be a tree falling on our house) after that there was a lot of silence and it was over. 
 This is something that I never want anyone else to experience. I didn't even get struck by the tornado and our community was only without power and cable for two days, but it was hideous. It has shook me to my core, made it hard to sleep, hard to concentrate and hard to be out after dark without fears of what might happen. 
 If you have ever experienced this or know someone who has and would like someone to talk to then I am here. I am here to comfort anyone who has been through this and experienced massive dismay from natural disasters like what hit Tuscaloosa and the state of Alabama in April. 
 I have two videos, one of which was took during the tornado and one that was took immediately after the tornado passed and all the damage was untouched. I can't bear to post or even watch them at this point, but I have posted all the pictures I have so my readers can survey the damage we as a community are experiencing. 

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