Friday, March 28, 2014

My 25th birthday

In roughly a week I will be celebrating my quarter-century birthday (25th birthday). I am really, really excited. I don't feel old yet I don't feel young. For my 24th birthday Nick and I spent the weekend at Myrtle Beach and we had a wonderful time, but this year we aren't going as elaborate.

Since I moved to Charleston in August 2012 I have been working to mark off bucket list items from the Charleston Magazine's list. I have completed approximately 34 percent or 22/64 of the Bucket List (all but one thing have been with Nick). I don't count the last item on the bucket list because we still live in Charleston.

Here have been a couple suggestions I've received.
A) One of my friends has suggested I do something I have never done for my 25th birthday.
B) My boss told me since I've done so great at my fitness routine to set a goal for myself during my 25th year and complete it before my 26th birthday.

I have something in mind, but I would love your ideas and suggestions so please leave your ideas below!

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