Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boxing: It's Good For You

So, Nick bought a punching bag and speed bag for us a couple of weeks ago at a great price from Dick's Sporting Goods. I have been trying to up the ante as far as my physical fitness and cardio goes. I walk each day, but I need something more hard hitting and physical. With him being into boxing, his friend taking classes and them training together I decided it was a great opportunity for me to join and they're both excited to help me.

I finally got my TapouT striking gloves on Sunday and Nick showed me some basics yesterday. I will continue to do this on an every-other-day basis in addition to my daily walks. I will also train with his friend on Sundays to log some weekend workout time. As I am in no way, shape, form or fashion a boxer and I definitely don't claim to be one, but I am excited to start learning the basics and see where it eventually takes me!

Here is our own little setup in our spare bedroom in addition to a few quick facts about why boxing is good for you!


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