Saturday, April 26, 2014

Plus Size Swimsuits

As swimsuit season is upon us, in the South at least, I brushed off the two piece suit I bought last year. I only wore it two or three times (I really didn't utilize the beach like I should have). This year I've already worn it twice and it is only April! I have ALWAYS been in once piece bathing suits since I can remember but last year I wasn't going to pay $30-40 for a one piece when I found a two piece bathing suit that acted as a one piece and cost half the price! Below is the result.

I obviously didn't go out on a limb; I didn't splurge for fun designs because I am not really a pattern lover. So, I decided to go the traditional red and blue. It works for the 4th of July and Memorial Day. 

Top and Bottom came from Wal*Mart and the mix/match set cost me $24ish; I can't remember the exact total. 

Who says you have to buy a one-piece to look like you have a one-piece? 

Also, here are some swimsuits I find absolutely adorable and if I had the money and wore swimsuits everyday, I would probably splurge on. 

1. Lane Bryant (because it looks like a dress; enough said).
2. Always For Me (because who doesn't love polka dots and what a cute cut).
3. Torrid (one word: anchors)!

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