Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorite: Supernatural Charleston Ghost Tour

This week's Friday Favorite includes a Supernatural Ghost Tour through Charleston that Nick and I took last week. I absolutely believe in ghosts and spirits as does Nick. We have been on three different tours throughout Charleston and this tour was the best, hands down!

The Walks In History tour was fabulous and very informative for our interests. I won't give away all of what Geordie Buxton covered on the tour because, of course, I want you all to rush over and take this tour, but he is very well versed, funny and engaging. He is very charismatic and actually takes you into a haunted hotel downtown. I have lived in Charleston for almost two years now and I have heard stories about different hotels, buildings, graves, etc., but he actually gave us the scoop on one in particular!

A warm, humid spring night on the historic streets of Charleston, S.C., couldn't prove to be more eerie than after I took the first photo of the Walks In History tour. We were standing in the exact death location of a prominent "blue blood" in Charleston and I snapped a photo of his head stone. I purposely used the flash, because after three ghost tours I am well aware ghosts are seen more in photos where a flash was used. All of the below photos were taken with a flash in the same graveyard but the first photo I snapped shown to be foggy. It looked as though someone actually set off a fog machine and there was no fog, smog, etc., that night. I don't believe a flash could have made the entire photo turn out that way, especially since none of the other photos developed in the same way. 

Let me know what you think below. If you're interested in taking this tour or reading one, or all, of the four books Geordie Buxton has written please click here or simply click the above photo!  

I recommend this tour for sure! 


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