Thursday, June 26, 2014

Don't Cut The Carbs

Have you ever tried to cut carbs out of your diet and failed miserably? Maybe you failed because:
A) Your body was so used to carbs that it went into shock?
B) Could it have been that you just like the taste of bread and butter, pasta and garlic sticks?
C) Did you have headaches after axing the starches?

Maybe you remember this line: "You don't deserve them, you eat carbs for Christ's sake!"

Let's start here. Are you gluten intolerant? If yes then you might consider giving up carbs but if not then don't cut the carbs quite yet. Did you know carbs aren't created equal?

There are three types of carbs: simple starchycomplex starchy and complex fibrous.

What I would like for you to take away from this post is that you should stray from processed, sugary carbs (breads, white rice, white bread, white flour and opt for brown rice, whole wheat flour, green-leafy vegetables along with 100 percent whole wheat breads.

I know this is obvious and repetitive information, but there is a pattern to all of it. You must be reading it multiple times because it is solid information. I won't lie; I struggle with getting fresh fruits and veggies and whole wheat flour simply because I am on a tight budget, but when I have the opportunity I will snag unprocessed foods any day.

I challenge you to shed the processed foods and stick to an all-natural, unprocessed diet and see how different your body feels. If you're used to sugary drinks and carb-loaded meals you might feel anxious, fatigued and experience headaches, but that is your body ridding itself of the toxins and getting used to a more natural way of life. You'll eventually feel golden and actually start to see the weight slip off you.

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