Saturday, March 5, 2011

Family and food

"I grew up watching momma cook." -- Daddy

Senior Prom 2007.
Mom, Me and Daddy.
Thursday (March 3, 2011) I fixed homemade gravy for the first time. Some people may not understand why this is important to me so I will fill you guys in! Daddy would only fix his homemade gravy every once in a while (I am talking about every blue moon). Everyone else except daddy and me were fans of packaged gravy. So, ever so often I could talk daddy into fixing his gravy. It was always my favorite.

I have always been the type to watch momma and daddy cook. I love to cook and this has always been interesting to me. I always remember daddy saying that he learned to cook a lot of his homemade food from watching his mom. A lot of times when I want to know a quick recipe or whip something up fast I will just google it, but for some things you just have to bring out the big dogs.

For momma it is always Chicken-n-dumplins. No one can fix dumplings better than her!
For daddy it is gravy. 
For Amanda it is pork chops.
For Stephanie it is chili.
For Justin it WOULD be grilled cheese, but I don't eat those anymore so I am going to say pizza.. (he can cook a pizza within 5 minutes... no joke!)

Hallie and I were going to fix breakfast for dinner. She had just received a griddle from Justin (late Valentine's Day present) and we were trying it out! I HAVE to be in the mood for breakfast to eat it and I wasn't feeling it that night and I knew that if I fixed daddy's yummy gravy it would buck up my taste buds for the meal ahead. On our way into Target I called him up and got the recipe (only after about a 20 minute conversation of how in the olden days mommas taught their daughters to cook instead of sitting in front of a computer). I am used to that by now though. I have to peel my phone away from my ear when daddy is on the other line.

When we got home and watched American Idol as we were cooking (GO PAUL MCDONALD!!)  I was working briskly on my gravy. Daddy told me that it is a work of practice and that I probably wouldn't get it right the first time. Of course I didn't, but I did dandy for it to be my first time.

My man, Paul McDonald.
At first it was VERY lumpy and I was discouraged but I just added a little more milk and kept the whisk beating. One of the main reasons I despise packaged gravy is the fact that it is LOADED with pepper. Don't get me wrong I like pepper, but I don't love it. When you fix homemade gravy you get to regulate the amount you put in it and that is just one of the great parts. My gravy was almost done and Hallie told me I needed to put a little pepper in there and I quickly said, "No way!" I was going to let them put pepper in theirs and leave mine plain as Jane!!

I preceded to taste the gravy to see if daddy put salt in his or not. After I tasted it I quickly realized that indeed he does put salt in there. I sprinkled a little iodized salt and let it sit for a couple of minutes and voila! Dinner was done!!!!! (If only it were that easy!) Hallie let me know it was my turn to get my brother haha... I walked halfway up the steps and yelled for him to come eat. (Now I knew that if Justin said it tasted good and tasted like daddy's then I was definitely a master!!!) When he got downstairs I was pretty much bouncing up in down with joy and anticipation for him to try it. He got a bite of it and made a little smirk. That smirk definitely let me know that my gravy was good!

All-in-all he ate two plates of gravy and the night was great! For dessert we had gooy-ooy peanut butter fudge brownies. Nothing better than breakfast and then that!

Gravy recipe:
2 tablespoons of Crisco 
flour to thicken up the grease
2 small cans of evaporated milk
1 cup of milk
a pinch of salt

You're lucky I gave the secret away!!!!!!!!! :)

A tomato biscuit, gravy biscuit, an egg and three pieces of bacon... Don't worry, I only ate half of my plate!

Peanut Butter Brownie!

Jennifer Gorham
March 5, 2011

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