Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hallie's terrible two's..

Short and sweet will be the description of this blog. I have a test tomorrow but I can't get myself to study. My heart is not in this class right now. 

As most people that know me know I am a Human Development and Family Studies major along with Journalism. As I have ventured down the list of requirements for my HDFS degree, I have learned a lot about my family, friends, roommates and neighbors that I might not have known unless taken these classes. 

I like to make comments to Hallie (my brother's girlfriend and one of my best friends!) that I needed my Parent-Child class just to get through the day with her. She sometimes reverts back to her toddler years. She is the sweetest and cutest thing, but she just has to touch and play with everything in sight. Not that it is a bad thing, but sometimes it is amusing to watch her. It is like she is bewildered by everything around her like a two-year-old would be. Maybe that is how everyone should be. Constantly amused and intrigued by their surroundings so that everyday is another adventure full of learning and amusements. She will come sit down in my floor and just gaze around my room as if she has never seen the items in it before. 

Lord love her. She is so sweet...... Today we were in Target and as we were headed towards the exit we passed the small diner located quite adjacently to the door (I am pretty positive they do that on purpose to get business along with the Starbucks! YUM) anyways, we dropped into the small eatery to get an ICEE or in Target's case an Arctic Blast.. ..... little did we know that Hallie's would turn into a volcano. I bought two medium Arctic Blasts for us and after ogling at the four flavors  we decided on two each. I filled my cup with Cherry Coke and Cherry while she bombarded her cup with Cherry and Orange..... needless to say she had no clue that it would expand after hitting the air in the cup (it is OK because I didn't either. I am a precautionary type person so of course I leave room for mistakes.) Her cup was filled to the brim and started exploding over the top with cherry slush. We couldn't find the napkins and after grabbing a straw, sucking down the volcanic eruption, we finally managed to get the napkins in place. She continued to slurp the concoction while I snapped this picture. Priceless.. It represents Hallie more-so than a lot of words splashed onto the wall of this blog! 
Hallie slurping up her slurpie!
I could write days about her in this blog, but I don't have time for that because unfortunately in my case I have a test and work tomorrow.. I will just share some of my favorite photos of Hallie :) ENJOY!

Hallie and I at our Halloween 2010 bash.

Hallie hears a who..

Photobooth fun!

Hallie and Justin 2008.

Beware of people who dislike cats.

Jennifer Gorham
March 2, 2011

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