Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Angels come in all colors, shapes and sizes

Do you believe in angels? A Harvest family whose home was obliterated by one of last week's deadly tornadoes say they are convinced.
8 year-old Emily Shelt says an angel from heaven appeared in her grandmother's house on Smith-Vasser Road last week just moments before it was leveled by an EF-4 tornado. Emily and her grandmother, aunt and little brother all took cover in a hallway, praying for life, but expecting the worst. Emily said at that moment the angel appeared just a few feet away from her.

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"What got my attention was his head, and I was like 'Who is that?" said Emily. "He was wearing a white shirt with white pants and white tennis shoes. I was like 'Thank you God for coming,' and he was like 'No problem,'. Then he said 'Don't worry Emily, I'm holding your grandmother's house down. You're not going anywhere."
None of the other family members saw the angel, but said they know for sure that Emily is telling the truth.
"My 8 year-old is giving a testimony about God that people really need to listen to," said Emily's grandmother, Carole Sanfratello. "She's intelligent, and she heard God speak." "It's a miracle," added Emily's aunt Nicole Wilbanks. "We should be dead right now."
Sheriff's deputies flooded the area once the twister had passed, and initially ruled the entire family dead after viewing the wreckage from afar. But all four family members emerged from the rubble unharmed, with the only injury a minor foot scratch to Sanfratello. The house was ruled a total loss.
"You may not believe it, but I do because I saw him with my own eyes," said Emily. " The last time I saw him I was about to go out the window to get out, and he was like 'Don't worry Emily. Anytime you need me, I'm right here."

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