Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don't cross your T's and dot your I's too soon

Crossing my T's and dotting my I's too soon is what I do best. 

You can cross your T's and dot your I's too fast with anything. You can assume you have enough eggs in your refrigerator to make a cake, assume it won't rain when you don't want to carry your umbrella or think you will be with someone too quickly. Of course I am guilty of all three. 

Eggs for cake
No rain
Great guy
☑Guilty of speaking too soon

This blog post will be short and contain something a man told me tonight. "You think you have someone when you don't or you think we won't talk again."

I have enjoyed getting to know someone a lot here lately, but things aren't always great. Talking on the phone for hours, having a good bit in common and speaking the same lingo is all well when you're happy and getting to know each other, but if things start going under then what happens? Do you see things from the same lens? Do you still think about all the good things in common and the hours you've spoken and gotten to know each other? 

One of my friends once told me to focus on the things you don't like about him and you won't want to be with him anymore. That is not great advice, but sometimes it may be. Sometimes it just takes sitting back and realizing that maybe you're not meant to be with the person and that everything you have in common is nice but maybe it is just coincidences or even a friendship stepping stone. Or maybe the timing is wrong and you've got to let the flow of everything slide off time's fingertips. You never really know, but sometimes you just have to step back and realize things are what they are. Enjoy the opportunities you have at this point in your life and let everything else unfold. I keep telling myself this and try to take it day by day. We shall see how this turns out. 

I promise you guys my blog hasn't turned into some kind of smooshy, man-driven blog. I have had a man in my life for a little bit of time and whatever consumes your time or makes you think about your life is what you put down in your blog, or at least I do. ...

I am about to tumble over because of my sleep deprived body is shutting down. Look for me to post more than one blog a day here soon. 

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