Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunshine, summertime and sister time!

My mini day with my sister Amanda.
My sister and I got to spend time together this past Wednesday (May 11). She always takes my dad to his doctor's appointment in Gadsden so this time I was finally home and made the trip with her. She normally goes to the mall, to eat and browse around the town, but this time we got to spend time together. 
Mater's Pizza located in downtown Gadsden, Ala. This is a 12'' pizza.
 I told Amanda I didn't think we had ever just went shopping together. It was nice to get to spend time with her. I have spent time and went places with Stephanie, but not with Amanda. 
 We went to a little pizza eatery that I have only been to three times and that she had never been to. This pizza joint is known for their thick cheese and ginormous slices. I normally don't drink a lot of soda, but I filled up with two cups of Pepsi and started off with a salad. It was an awesome lunch that was very filling. We could only eat one slice each. The restaurant was a lot bigger than I remembered it. The last time I had been was in 2002. The restaurant now has an oyster bar included! They have games, pool tables and a cozy atmosphere. 
It is larger than it looks.
 Before we ate our hearts out we ventured into the mall. Now this mall is cool in that it the hallways or main entries (whatever you prefer) are carpeted. The lighting is dim and it is relaxing from a bright, summer-sun filled day! The dark, cool interior was refreshing. She had a couple of movies to return to FYE and FYI you must have a receipt! I prefer Movie Stop to FYE but that is my opinion. We just browsed around the mall for a little bit until we passed a Kiss My Tiara boutique. Now obviously you can guess what kind of shop this is. Everything just so happened to be 20% off that day. I noticed a lot of houndstooth print in the jewelry so I veered in that direction first off. A month ago I bought three elephant rings (one of which I am wearing in the photo above) and in this little boutique I found a necklace to match all three rings! One ring matched this necklace perfect actually. These will be great to wear during sporting events! So, with that being said I couldn't pass up a $4 necklace that is so versatile I can wear with numerous outfits along with three rings. 
 It was a nice day getting to spend it with my sister. On our way home we actually got to see the beginning of the Longest Yard Sale! I have never been and this year will be no different. Anyways, it was an fun day!

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