Sunday, May 15, 2011

Short shopping spree

My short shopping spree with my momma
Momma and I got to spend some time together last week also! We went to my favorite store........ drum roll please...... Ross!! It is one of the best stores ever! If you haven't been then you need to head on over and get to shopping! This is store has it all, literally.. well with the exception of refrigerated food. It is pretty awesome! 
This patterned dress falls right below my knees. 
 I always enjoy shopping here because they have cheap clothes. They have awesome dresses for every season! I go in there and always buy a dress. It never fails that I will typically come out with at least one dress on my arm. This time when I went in there I had a running count of 23 dresses to try on within 12 minutes. I think that was a personal best. I narrowed it down to five dresses but stuck with one and here she is. She fits comfortably and costed me $15. 
I haven't purchased an item that has been over $20. Yeah I know, I know this store REALLY IS starting to sound perfect! Not only did I find a great steal, but I snagged a perfect pair of Roxy brand flip flops. These flip flops are retailed at $34 but I paid $13 for them. 

One of my favorite parts: the pocket.

 Now here comes the icing on top of the cake. I FINALLY got an apron. I have been wanting an apron for the longest and I finally decided on this cute number. It cost me $8.99. Not too shabby for an apron. At least now I won't have dishwater all over my shirts or raw meat particles on my shirt either. I know all that sounds disgusting... because it is! That is why I bought an apron!

 The only bad thing about Ross is that the closest one to me (from both my houses) is at least 45 minutes away. This is a huge buzzkill. They need one in Tuscaloosa.

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