Monday, May 16, 2011

My not-so planted plants

I am a fanatic of plants and flowers, but I have no room to plant and  I keep buying!

Well, I live in a rented house for college but I can't seem to stop buying plants. I bought three ferns, a lavender plant, lemon balm plant, ponytail palm tree and a rose bush. I couldn't upkeep my lavender as well as I thought and my first one died so I had to buy another one. Along with all the plants listed above I bought some tomato plants........ or so I thought. My tomato story is long and tedious. I am a huge lover of homegrown tomatoes, but sometimes it is harder to get those than you would think. 
 My mom had some tomato seeds and planted a few in some tiny planters to get me started and then sent them on their way with me. I kept them alive for about two weeks and then the tornado hit and they died. After they died I decided I needed to get some more because I have a Topsy Turvey and I WANT my tomatoes this summer! So, with that being said I went and got some tomato plants at Wal*Mart. I apparently was grabbing cucumber plants instead of tomato plants though. A week later Nick realized those plants indeed were cucumber plants instead of tomatoes. That is my luck no doubt. So, I am still behind on the tomato plants but rest assured I will have me some amazingly awesome AND may I add juicy tomato plants before the summer is finished! 
 I have found that my lavender smells the best and my ferns / lemon balm looks the best. The easiest to maintain is my lemon balm. They pretty much take care of themselves. My ferns are looking pretty good, but not in the attached photo. That was the day I got them and I haven't taken anymore photos of them since. I have attached pictures of my plants! 

Prices of plants:

Cucumber: $1.97
Lemon balm: $3.98
Lavender: $3.33
Ferns: $7.49 each
Ponytail Palm: $3 (on sale because they were pitiful looking)
Rose bush: Free (my mom bought it for me!)

My ponytail palm tree. It can reach 10ft. 
I love how you can keep these inside easily.

My lavender plant. They're not the easiest to upkeep.
It smells great though. Not too strong either. 
My cucumber plants. I hope they last. 

Lemon Balm is a great herb for tea. It smells fresh. 
My rose bush. It will create lush red flowers. 

My working gloves. These are $2.98 at Wal*Mart. 

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