Saturday, May 21, 2011

I love Tuscaloosa, TV and men.

OK, I know you think I am some other kind of social-less woman... 

I am at work for 13 hours tonight and had to go to sleep early last night. That means I never got to post my blog from yesterday and that means here it is. Get excited!!

The place where I come from has
mountains and vast farmland.
 As I tossed my hair in a messy bun, hopped in my car around 5:43 p.m. yesterday and headed to work I realized something I have said time and time again. As I turned left onto Veterans Memorial Parkway and headed down the hill that gives you a mini bird's eye view of the town I thought to myself, "I love Tuscaloosa." The sun was setting on the town right in front of my eyes. I didn't have sunglasses on and figured I would just flip down my visor, but instead got off track. I realized I love this city. It hit me right then. I have lived here four years and I now call this town my home. It isn't my hometown, but it is my town now. Within the year I may be one of the many to use this saying.
 "I came to Tuscaloosa for an education but stayed for the city." Although I think this won't be the case, we shall see. So what you ask is this woman talking about? Well, it is refreshing to get that excited, scared rush of emotions all at once. I just knew at that moment that I loved the city I was in. That I love the people I have met in this town, the atmosphere and learning experiences I have had here. Of course, all of you that know me know I love some Sex and the City and that is where this blog is coming from. There is an episode that came on last night when I got home that I casually tuned in to. I am going to give a brief overview of what the episode consisted of and why it is valid in this posting. 

Title: Anchors Away
Year: 2002
      Miranda is determined not to become a mental full-time-mother, but the reality of breastfeeding is inescapable. Charlotte blurts out to believe the theory everyone only gets two great loves. Carrie is alone but determined to enjoy the countless forms of entertainment in New York, even claiming she's in love with the unpredictable city. After three weeks of calls from Richard, Samantha is out for revenge, and in public. Fortunately it's fleet week, when the city swarms with USNavy boys, who invite the non-moms to a hot party.
   "Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe, you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be." - Carrie
  "Everyone knows you only get two great loves in your life." - Charlotte 
  "How many great loves do you think you get in a lifetime?" - Carrie 
      - "Well, maybe one if you're lucky." - Sailor Louis
  "If Louis was right and you only get one great love, New York may just be mine." -Carrie

Watch Anchors Away now.

 Sex and the City leads me to my next point. I love TV, in that episodes like this make me think of my own life and it puts things in perspective. As I sat there and watched that episode (for the 20th time at least). I thought wow, I just realized today how much I do love the city I am in. Tuscaloosa isn't, by far, one of my loves though. I have said this many times, but I love Sex and the City. The show is meant to represent every part to a woman. Each woman has a sexy side, sophisticated side, wild side and professional side. The episodes all have a bigger meaning and smaller ones inside that. I don't want anyone to mistake me for a bubble head, in that I think so deeply about this show, but honestly maybe you should sit down one day and take this show in for a while. Carrie is relatable in the fact that I write and she writes. I actually sat down one night to write an article, turned the show on and she was doing the same thing (minus turning Sex and the City on). It is nice to have a show that makes you think about your life and all the aspects of your life.
 Now, the sailors trail me into my final point. They represent the fact that I love men (or I should say a man). I believe I was born to find my second great love. I want to say I wish I was born to meet my first great love, but maybe (just maybe) he has already been in my life and made his exit. It was a fun, heart racing, short and wild run. As I sat talking to my best friend last night I started talking about my first "real" interest DO NOT MISTAKE him for my first great love. I went on about how he is so different, how I am so different and that I just don't have time to deal with a man that treats me the way he does and did. Her response was "Wow, I can't believe you have gotten over him. I thought you would never get over him." She was stunned by my admittance that he was NOT my first great love. She was also shocked that who I referred to as my first great love was indeed my first great love. Love is fluid yet so concrete. Here is a short view of what I think of relationships and a life partner.
 "I believe it is very true that you need to be with someone for at least two years. (If you are with your significant other for every major holiday two times over then you know them. You at least know them on another level, a level in which you should know them if you're willing and wanting to spend the rest of your life with them.) I believe that relationships are hard work. Nothing ever comes easy and when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with it will be a work in progress like everything else in life." 
 I believe our lives are like a puzzle. A puzzle that God is putting together and we just keep the pieces moving while he is putting us in the right slot. I believe that significant others are like stepping stones. Each person is a stepping stone into another part of our life and another journey we are about to take. Each prior person makes us realize that someone is out there better suited for us. When you find that special person (your second great love) you love them in a way that you loved the others just slightly different. Not to say that you would love them any less than you loved the previous people, but that you will love the "right one" in every way you loved the ones before. I will give you an example, simply because I know I just lost everyone in translation. 
E.g. = I loved "Tom" in a way that I didn't love "Jack," and I loved Jack in a way that I didn't love Tom, but now that I have met "Max" I realize I never had an amazing love before. I love Max the same way I loved Tom AND Jack. Max makes me feel the way all of the men in my past made me feel, the only thing is that Max is one person and he makes me feel like the way that it took 50 different men to make me feel. 

OK so now that we are done with that I can move on! To gather my thoughts and start to end this post I will pinpoint the meaning. 

❉❥I love the city and the people that surround me. 
❉❥I love that I can find things in life that make me realize how happy and grateful I am. Things that make me understand how lucky and blessed my life has been and is. 
❉❥I love the fact that I am looking for the person that holds the first internal part of my puzzle. 

 I am a hopeless romantic that steps into her flats, flip flops, heels and tennis shoes each day in hopes that I run into my last great love. Maybe I believe in this and maybe I don't. Maybe you do and maybe you don't. No one can tell you exactly what will happen a minute from now, an hour from now, a day, a week or even a year from now but you can always hope for the best and take strides to fulfill your puzzle. 

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