Friday, May 20, 2011

TV edition: Wasting time while wasting away

Do you ever have those days where you absolutely do nothing? 

You don't have anything on the agenda and you feel free to just relax. You just want to sit in your pajamas, sweats or shorts and t-shirt and do absolutely nothing! That was my day today. I got in from work right around 7:02 a.m. and hit the couch. I needed a little time to gather my thoughts before I went upstairs and hit the hay. I have a TV in my room (first time in two years) and don't get me wrong, I like watching it but in the mornings around that time there is nothing on. With the exception of Saved by the Bell and Fresh Prince the pickin's are slim. Well I have been feeling a little under the weather here lately and I needed to take some Benadryl to 1) get some sleep 2) make my throat feel better. The latter didn't work too much. Anyways I usually wake up, use the restroom, pull my hair up and head downstairs for grub. The past few days I have had some time on my hands and have gotten to watch a little more TV than one should. OK so I walk down the stairs, grab a water, sit down on the couch, read my emails, edit a couple stories and then turn the TV on. I realize it is about 3 p.m. (remember I didn't get off work until 7 a.m.) and I think to myself "Hey! my shows are coming on." I flip through the guide and find my show Friends. I never watched Friends or liked the show until this past summer. Long story as to why I now find it interesting, but yes I watch Friends now. So when my hour-long block of Friends is over I literally turn the channel one down and watch Family Guy. When my hour-long Family Guy session is over I head back to the previous channel and watch an hour of King of Queens. When that finishes up I decide what I am having for dinner and resume to my daily activities or simply........ you guessed it, watch more TV! (Now I know most of you are thinking "Wow she is a lazy bum who has nothing to do!") Well, you are wrong. When I say I have absolutely nothing to do I am normally talking about I have no reason to change my clothes and head outside. Except this time I said I had nothing to do, but indeed I did. I am had work that night, but that was so late in the night/morning that I didn't consider it an issue. So I typically edit at least one story, answer 50 phone calls, cook dinner, review layouts, etc. . on a normal day. Today was no different. I did have a lack of phone calls today which was extremely nice. 
 I felt extremely low today. My stomach was uneasy, my throat hurt and I was light headed, but all that eased away with a cat nap on the couch. So, to get to the point of my post I had a day where I literally realized "Wow, I just gave couch potato a new meaning." I literally flipped between two channels all day and was happy as a kid with rock candy! 
 When someone asks me what I like to do to relax I typically say "I love to just sit by myself and watch my TV shows." If you want to make me happy just leave me alone and let me turn every light in the house off and turn the volume up. I know that seems really lame and absolutely lazy, but when you have a busy schedule and don't get too much time to yourself then you gain a new perspective on the TV (just saying)! 
 When school was still in full swing I never watched TV. I might have gotten to watch about 30 minutes of some random show, but never just a sit down for hours, fry my brain and kill my eyes session. That is what I am going for this summer, as Juno MacGuff would say "Whoa, dream big!" While I am dreaming big in my own way, don't think I am lazy. I am taking a summer class, still the managing editor of a magazine and totaling around 38 hours of work a week. Now tell me I don't deserve hours-upon-hours of TV time when I get it! Soon enough my time will dwindle away and the TV will go unturned. Until then expect me on my lazy bum watching TV! Call if you need a tune-in buddy. 

I start with Friends!
Then I flip over to Family Guy..
Where I then sometimes find
 Everybody Loves Ray on.
Roseanne is saved for those late-night
 boredom sessions. 
Golden Girls is an everyday obsession.
 I can't get enough of these women.
10x better than Family Guy if I must say so myself!

My favorite show. The season premiere was actually tonight!

My midday obsession when I haven't
worked all night prior.
My weekend fix when I get home from work.
Love this show. It is between
Friends and Family Guy.

My favorite channels

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