Monday, May 30, 2011

No cashflow for this girl, no no no!

I have no drive to write at this point.
I am tired, cranky and moody .. 

So, I have bruised the ball of my foot, stubbed my toe and lack a lot of sleep! My mom and brother surprised me and came down yesterday night and too bad I had to work today, because we could have had a good time spending the rest of the day together.. 
 I am at work and have some time to waste. I have been spending a lot of time flipping through magazines and finding designs for my magazine. I enjoy this thoroughly. I love the fact I have to edit stories, help design a magazine, proof, etc.. It is amazing. You know you have a great job when you feel as if you should be paying your boss for being able to do what you are doing!
 I haven't officially announced what I do, so here goes. I am the managing editor of Touchdown Alabama Magazine. I have the job of looking over everyone, gathering everything for the magazine, making the issue happen and getting it to the public. My first issue as an editor is coming out this week. We have all worked hard on this issue and I am excited about it! You can receive your copy at Barnes & Noble and most convenient stores around the state. We sale from the Northeast corner of Alabama all the way to the Southwest corner of Alabama. The magazine is 48 pages of full-color glossy content.  
 So, since I have been doing that, working 40 hours a week and getting ready for my classes that start tomorrow (so not cool!) I have had no time or drive to blog. Therefore that is where the title of this post comes from. No cash flow for this girl, no,no,no! If I was getting paid to do this blog, I wouldn't have cashflow coming in simply because no content is going out. This post is lame and I am sorry if you're reading this, because it is definitely an upset. Sorry!!

Better posts are to come. I may even post one later tonight! Who knows!? I don't. . 

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