Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beignets, fireworks, food, fun and Jazz

My first NOLA trip

Well I have been wanting to go to New Orleans for some time now and the opportunity fell in my lap over the past week. My sister's friend lives down there and I got to tag along and enjoy the vacation. Not only did I get to experience "The Big Easy" but I got to travel by train. How exciting, right? It was an interesting six-hour train ride.
 I am glad I got to experience it with my sister. The town was amazing, the trip was wonderful and the weather was scolding! Most of you know that my favorite Disney movie is Cinderella but The Princess and the Frog comes in as a close second. I had watched the movie time and time again and it has proven correct. The portrayals of New Orleans are correct. The town is exceptionally beautiful but amazingly stinky! Don't get me wrong the locals are actually sincerely nice, but the majority of tourists trash the town to unbearable. Given the name "The Big Easy" most people feel at ease by cutting loose and letting their hair down when visiting, but this creates a mess for locals. Locals aren't typically the ones passing out because of alcohol poisoning before 6 p.m. on a Monday, nor are they the ones who stagger into shops three sheets to the wind. This is simply disrespectful and inappropriate. Check yourself people! The town is so characteristic and there is no need to be trashed the whole time to enjoy the attractions. 
 Off my soap box now. I am just going to get this out of the way: These people know how to cook! Lawdy they can cook up a storm and make the most prissy débutante lick her fingers afterwards. The first night we were there we went to this really sweet drive-thru Daiquiri shop. What is even more interesting about a drive-thru shop is that it is DRIVE THRU! Holy cow, that is what I said. It took me about 10 minutes to let it sink in. Not only that but I bought a 12-ounce Hypnotic daiquiri for $5. What a deal! The next morning we went uptown and visited Camellias Diner. Now that is some good eatin'. I have never been so full in my life! We ate dinner at Mona Lisa. Great Italian food and amazing Tiramisu. Yum! To top that night off we went to see the spectacular firework display over the water and skyline. The weather was perfect for a night by the water. Before the fireworks began we got to see a humongous tug boat wind its way through the water. 

 The next afternoon we went to Parish Seafood and Diner. I finally ate a Po' Boy. Some of the best eatin' around. No joke! My sister and I were just stoked for the food! After heading for a change of clothes and a short nap we returned to more food! We went to Cafe Du Monde. Now let me tell you, this place is THE place for beignets. I knew going into the trip that beignets were just the French version of funnel cakes, but I had to try it myself. I got an iced coffee and a beignet. It was amazing as usual. To put the icing on top of the cake we had an authentic French waitress. Totally cool! 
 After that we went to the Harrah casino. I played the penny machines and had a blast! My sister totally scored on a machine. As I walked up she was literally winning $20. That was her lucky machine. I only won $12 in total. After leaving the casino we took our appetite over to 13 Monaghan Bar & Restaurant. It was a very chill atmosphere with nice service. That was our last night in New Orleans, how sad! I can't wait to go back, but I keep saying I will only go back if I can at least meet up with Brandy, my sister's friend, at some point. I am so appreciative and thankful she let us stay with her for those few days! She was the best tour guide a sister duo could ask for also! 

Some tid bits:
 ✓ The French Market - We shopped there all day and it was affordable and very fun!
 ✓ Amtrak train station in NOLA. - It had some creepy yet awesome paintings!
 ✓ Train dining cart- It was good food but kind of pricey. 
 ✓ 90.7 WWOZ radio station. - It "brings New Orleans music to the universe."
 ✓ Tennis shoes, sunblock and a fan. Walking around all day has its drawbacks. 
 When we arrived it was a crescent moon. 

New Orleans is a beautiful place full of history, pride and good eats! Don't pass up a trip to the The Crescent City! 

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