Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fast food faux pas

How many times have you been in a rush and stopped through the drive-thru for an easy meal? I am guilty and you're probably guilty too. I remember when I was a senior in high school I would stop every Saturday morning and grab a McGriddle from McDonalds before work. I did that, in total, about six times. One day, while I was at work, I looked down and realized what I was actually eating. Two pancake-ish biscuits, cheese, bacon, egg and syrup. What was I thinking? I wasn't, that's what! I haven't eaten one since 2007. I don't think I will ever eat one again; they are terrible. According to my research a normal adult should intake somewhere around 2,400mg of sodium. A McGriddle has a whopping 1,030mg. That is more than 1/4 of your daily allowance. 

Just in case you're wanting to see the recommendations for vitamins and nutrients here is the link. So, on to the point of this blog: fast food is terrible.. There aren't any fast food restaurants that are better than my cooking.. just saying. A home-cooked meal is usually your best bet when it comes to nutrients. Most foods that are sold in restaurants are preserved, fried or both. Chances are when you cook at home you're not throwing your chicken in a big pot of oil (or at least I'm not).

Now we all know that most countries tend to be a little healthier than America. Anyone recollect deep-fried butter from the Iowa Straw Poll? Have you ever been to a county or state fair and seen a funnel cake or corn dog? Ever walked into a movie theater and seen a snack menu with fried Oreos or a large buttered popcorn (which comes in at a shocking 160 ounces or 20 cups)? That's what I thought. It is more than easy to consume unhealthy foods while living in a country that is on the innovative side of food. Who would have thought, fried Oreos!

Well, I have news for you! America isn't the most innovative food distributor! After discovering a recent article on Yahoo!, I felt the need to do a post about crazy, unhealthy fast food choices not offered in the US. All of these menu items can be found in Japan. Fast food chains most of you are familiar with are on this list. Don't let your jaw drop too much when you read these choices.

3) Get ready
2) Brace your jaw
1) Let's go

1. Wendy's Foie Gras Burger

- Beef patty
- Duck liver
- All the regular fixings
Price = $16

2. McDonald's Mega McMuffin
- Two breakfast sausages
- Bacon
- Cheese
- Egg
- English muffin
- Ketchup

3. Burger King's NY Pizza Burger 

- Beef patty
- Pepperoni
- Marinara
- Mozzarella 
- 9 1/2 inch Sesame-seed bun

4. McDonald's Ebi Filet-O
- Fried shrimp patty
- Thousand Island dressing 
- Lettuce 

5. Domino's Sirloin Steak Pizza
- Original pizza
- Grilled eggplant
- Truffle cheese sauce
- Sirloin steak

6. Burger King's Meat Monster Burger

- Two beef patties 
- Chicken breast patty
- Three slices of bacon
- All the fixings 
- Sesame Seed bun

Any of these sound delicious to you? Well, as I mentioned earlier these are served up in Japan, but America has their own fried-up slice of heaven too. Being from the South, I know about fried foods. I freed myself from fried foods for 31 days a couple months ago and after I took a couple bites of the golden deep-fried-to-perfection chicken I felt my stomach rumble. It only took a few bites before I had to stop eating. If I can tell a difference that fast after eliminating my fried-food intake then clearly fried foods effect our body quickly after you chomp down. I obviously felt the need to eliminate these choices from my diet, but after returning to fried foods I have a better understanding of how fast, how bad and how important it is to eliminate (or at least minimize) my consumption.

So, I ask you to think about what you cook up and chow down on. Do you prefer a Big Mac or a Whopper? Do you like pizza or crispy chicken? I leave you with this favor. Fill this SURVEY out for a healthier, happier blog!

DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with any health, fast food or commercial group. I am a blogger that hopes my readers become happier and healthier by reading my posts. I have linked each picture and fact with the website/source. Any questions feel free to email

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