Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am serving because....

.... I want to give hope for those that need it.
.... To create a change in the vicious cycle of poverty.
.... To make sure that people aren't just statistics anymore.
.... Because I come from a place that is similar.
.... To make America a free land of opportunities for everyone and not just a select few.
.... To understand.
.... To see change where change is greatly needed.

Whatever reason you choose to serve, serve with pride and honor. I will make this blog post short and sweet. While at PSO I have learned so much and met so many amazing people. This experience has already been amazing and I cannot wait to jump right into this year's service! This opportunity is one that should be cherished and treasured dearly. It is refreshing to see so many people with the same mindset and compassion! Good people do still exist!!

While I have learned a lot of shocking, yet touching, things about poverty I still have a lot to learn and this year will help me grow as a daughter, member of society, sister and overall person. Some things you guys might not have known...

 • There are two models of poverty:
   - Absolute poverty: strips you of pretty much every basic need.
   - Relative poverty: this is relative to your standard of living. "Oh, my iPhone messed up, now what?!" vs. "I can't feed my children tonight because we ran out of food stamps." Depending on your situation poverty changes... it is all relative. Someone in my breakout group mentioned that unless you're making billions you could be considered to be in poverty... what do you think of this?

 • There are two types of poverty:
   - Situational poverty: this is where people have lived in poverty for a short period of time because of certain situations. (Job loss, injury, divorce or even death)
   - Generational poverty: is where people have lived in poverty over two or more generations. (Ex: Jane lives in poverty, her parents lived in poverty and her grandparents also lived in poverty.)

Regardless of the model or type, poverty isn't good and needs to be addressed and that is why we are here! There are complexities to poverty that aren't as obvious as one may think. There are many layers and issues to be addressed, but for this blog post you get the point. This was my overview of my experience thus far. I am proud to serve and look forward to this opportunity more than my words can express!

I asked permission from my facilitator on doing a blog post on the things I learned and she said it was a good idea. If you have any questions, email me! 

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