Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Plus Size Fitness

When the weather turned crisp and the days got shorter I slacked off on my fitness routine. I went from jogging and walking four - six miles a day, five days a week for a total of between 20-30 miles a week to a maximum of 12 per week. My weight has maintained, but my weightloss has been at a plateau. 

The candy corn, Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas meals and Valentine's candy got the best of me this year. Now that all those holidays are behind me I am back and better than ever! Really, I logged my best lunch-time record today! I jog (mostly walk) at during my hour-long lunch break and the most miles I ever logged was 3.4/5. Today I busted that wide open; I started this year's routine with a bang. I kept up my pace and within 12 minutes of walking I had already logged a mile. I thought that surely my GPS was messed up or something was wrong, but sure enough I kept my pace and logged another mile 24 minutes in. My typical mile is 17 minutes, but I shaved right at five minutes from each mile today. 

Thanks to the wonderful Southern sun and some good music I felt like my old self again. I can't wait to see the pounds start melting off again. 

Thankful for the 73° Charleston weather to make myself feel normal again. 

Colonial Lake and The Battery never felt so good as it did today. 

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