Sunday, March 30, 2014

Eating Clean In 2014

Nick and I have decided that we aren't eating as good as we should and decided it was time to invest in the cleaner food that we used to eat. Although I still count calories and stay within budget I want healthier varieties. (I knew I needed more veggies in my life when I gave up my three mile walk so I could walk to The Vegetable Bin in order to have veggies for lunch that day).

With our busy schedules, we slacked and aren't going to anymore! Of course we will still have date-night Fridays and on weekends I believe we are able to have free days in moderation. [A small fact about me: I do not like restricting myself. I hate knowing I am unable to do something; therefore, making me want to do it even more. So, when I restrict myself seven days a week I will not be happy!]

With that being said we ventured to The Vegetable Bin today and racked up on delicious, as-close-to-local veggies as possible! In addition to grabbing a fridge full of veggies we snagged six dozen eggs at Harris Teeter last week for 99 cents a dozen and just today got three pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.99 a pound!

This week begins my participation in Meatless Mondays and I believe it will be great! I am not a huge meat-goer so this should be simple!

If you have any clean eating tips and want to share them please feel free to comment or submit them directly to my email!

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