Monday, March 3, 2014

Why I Love Old Navy

For the last few years I have really started to love Old Navy. Here are my reasons.

1. They don't ostracize the plus size section by placing all the plus size outfits elsewhere. They include them with all the other clothes.

2. They don't have variations for plus sizes; they make the same clothes for all sizes. One thing that always annoys me is when I step into a shop and see all the lovely outfits for smaller sizes but when I head to the plus size section I see a lot of ugly, shapeless outfits that almost always have writing across the tops or patterns that are just eye sores.

3. On their website it says their Women's Plus section is exclusively online but it ISN'T exclusive! They carry up to XXL clothes in stores (or the ones I have been to). I am sure the sizes larger than that are found online, but you can find up to XXL in stores! I can't say that enough.

4. They have some of the cutest clothes. If you're not fully convinced take a look below! 

Here are the prices for the outfits numbered above! 

Since I have lost right at 100 pounds I have needed to buy more outfits than I have money for so unfortunately I am not able to shop at Old Navy as much as I would like, but I do go in to browse and see what all they have that I eventually would like to purchase. 

P.S. If anyone associated with Old Navy reads this I would definitely NOT turn away a gift card!!! 

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