Monday, March 3, 2014

Kiss Longer

This morning I was almost ready to head out the door for work when Nick said this.

You know how we always meet each other at the door and kiss each other when we leave and get back from work? Well, I have always wondered why it is so hard for some people to do that. I once was with my friend and his wife was leaving and he told her bye and she left. Granted they were been married a while, but I still asked him how hard it would have been to kiss her goodbye and walk her to the door. Even though they were married a while, I still hope that's something I never stop doing. 

This my friends, proves I have one of the best boyfriends EVER! I know I brag about him a lot, but he is something special! It reminded me of how important the small things are in life and relationships. It even ties back to my date nights post. Never stop looking forward to the small things; and never stop doing the small things that make you smile!

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