Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why You Should Have A Bucket List

I believe Bucket Lists are important. I didn't have a bucket list until 2012 when my co-worker and good friend, whose blog you can read about here, showed me a bucket list from Charleston Magazine. Now, obviously, this was a pre-made bucket list but I have added things to the list as I started marking items off.

I realized how challenging, fun and rewarding my ever-growing bucket list had become. I think it is important for everyone to have a bucket list for several reasons, which I will list below, but mainly because we all have things we want to do and most of us typically say, "I will get around to it someday." But more often than not we never get around to it or if we do then we don't catalog or note it. I have my bucket list and I have crossed off, dated and photographed (most) of my bucket list items. Each time I look back at my bucket list I see the dates from over a year ago and it always brings back memories and also gives me a feeling of self accomplishment because I have set out to cross off these items and I have been since this list was created. So, enough with my opinions as to why we should all have lists of our own and to the reasons it makes sense to have a list.

1. Everyone needs a hobby and something to look forward to. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed so why not try doing what you want to do now. Stop wasting time and start living.
2. It helps you set, stick to and accomplish goals.
3. It improves your quality of life and brings about happiness and motivation.
4. Self gratification
5. Makes your life feel meaningful (even though all lives are meaningful this gives us control of what we want and what we do to an extent).

Although I have been hard at work marking items off my bucket list, I'm still not even halfway done. I've done 27 items (mainly with Nick) but some items with other people. It is something I am proud of and work hard at.

Do you have a bucket list, if so, let me know what some of your items are by commenting below!

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