Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Favorite: Dress Like A Cow; Eat More Chicken

This week's edition of Friday Favorite takes a look back at three year's worth of FREE Chick-fil-A.

I usually don't like to eat fast food, not only because it is bad for you but it can be quite expensive and did I say it is bad for you? Yeah, so this is a love-hate post about Chick-fil-A's awesome yet terrible-for-you food as well.

Since 2012 I have participated in Cow Appreciation Day and it is pretty simple.
1. Dress like a cow
2. Get free food
3. Go over your caloric intake for the day
4. Be happy

On the weekends I tend to not count calories because I am so strict during the week, but recently I have been counting calories on Fridays. I knew this morning that I would be dressing like a cow and eating a delicious dinner so I prepared appropriately for my meal.

If you've not checked the calories of your favorite fast food meal this might be a shocker for you, but usually they're not that great! I walked 3.64 miles this afternoon, burned 680 calories and still didn't burn enough to compensate for my Chick-fil-A dinner.

*Spicy Chicken Sandwich - 490 calories
*Medium Waffle Fry- 323 calories

I will leave this post by saying I love Chick-fil-A's meals and I really appreciate the fact that they give you a free meal for simply dressing like a cow. I also leave you with this: have cheat days where you don't count calories or watch what you eat; it is healthy, but just be mindful if you're eating meals like this on a daily basis! 

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