Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorite: Plus Size Running

This week's edition of Friday Favorite involves a blog/website I really enjoy reading. It is a blog geared towards "fat" women runners. The website encourages women that are still heavier/plus size to start jogging/running and become more physically fit!

For those who are new to my blog, I am very passionate about my lifestyle change in which I started in 2012. I have lost upwards of 100 pounds as a result and encourage health(ier) alternatives to my favorite foods and offer tips and tricks towards becoming healthier via this blog.

Once I saw this blog I knew I had to do a Friday Favorite post focused on it. I started walking/jogging 5Ks back in 2012 and haven't looked back. Luckily all of my 5K registrations have been free, which is perfect since I am on a budget.

Being a plus size woman, I definitely relate to this blog and can attest to some of the challenges that come with being a plus size jogger. I really do have a harder time finding cute, practical activewear for my size. I typically enjoy a loose fitting shirt and shorts, but to have some totally kick-butt apparel wouldn't hurt. Who doesn't like to look cute while beet red and sweaty?

Anyways, I think anyone who likes to jog, run, walk, is plus size, is not plus size, likes to read, or is just breathing should take a look at this blog. It is eye opening in that it shows not all runners look thin. A lot of people look at me and would never guess I walk/jog anywhere from 12-30 miles a week. I know that my journey has inspired others to start their lifestyle journey and this blog could help as well.

A lifestyle change is just that: a lifestyle change. What other commitments do we make for life besides marriage and religion? Committing to something for life is awesome yet intimidating and requires work. If you fall off the wagon; you get back on. That's one thing I have experienced with, not only this lifestyle change, but with attempts before my change. I knew this change was going to be THE change. I was getting ready to graduate college, begin "real" life and start making a name for myself. I wanted to be in the best shape I could be, meet people who would want to be the same way and start my young professional life.

My boyfriend has summed this matter up entirely by when he spoke to a thin, active young lady who had generalized bigger women. She didn't understand how men liked bigger women because they don't care about themselves or don't take care of themselves (not saying she was speaking about me purse, but just bigger women in general). He asked her why she jogged every day and she simply told him: because I want to find a man. He let her know real quick that more-often-than-not plus size women who exercise don't exercise to find a man, but to be healthier. He attested to me by saying that I workout for myself, not for him, or for anyone else and that I wanted to better myself. He mentioned how he has experienced a lot of people who workout for the opposite sex, but that I am not one of those people. My friends, he was absolutely right. I didn't start my change because of a man and I didn't keep doing it because of a man. I keep doing it in hopes of being healthier, happier and ensuring a longer, more fruitful life.

So, I leave you with two thoughts.
1. Just because we "fat" runners/joggers/walkers don't look like your "average" runners/joggers/walkers doesn't mean we are any unhealthier than you.
2. Don't start a change for anyone but yourself. Save yourself from falling off the wagon (because it will happen if you're not in it for you) and just do it the right way the first time!

*I do want to note that I do not like using the terms: fat, skinny, thin, obese because they seem so brash. I prefer using plus size for myself. It sounds flattering and I find myself and my curves to be flattering so I prefer it. 

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