Thursday, May 28, 2015

Easiest Refried Beans Ever

If you're looking for the BEST and healthiest refried beans and taco seasoning to ever be made then you've stumbled upon my page for a reason!

I was searching the internet for a good homemade taco seasoning recipe and came across this one from Eat.Drink.Love and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did it provide me with a healthier alternative for a taco seasoning but it tasted better and I knew EXACTLY what I put into it unlike those prepackaged seasonings.

For the refried beans it is honestly one of the easiest and healthiest alternatives to the canned ones I always knew growing up.

1. Toss some pre-washed and pre-cooked black beans into a skillet on medium heat. I like to purchase a large bag for $1 at the grocery store and cook them in the crockpot for several hours then portion them out and refrigerate or freeze accordingly. I don't add any salt or seasonings so that they're versatile for tacos, black bean burgers or even as a simple side dish.

2. Once they've started to heat up in the skillet start to smash them with a fork until they become the texture of refried beans. You can then add whatever seasonings you'd like to at this point. I usually sprinkle on some of the homemade taco seasoning and then serve with shredded chicken or ground turkey mixed with tomatoes.

Voila! You now have simple, delicious and nutritious refried beans for your favorite Mexican cuisine. Be on the lookout for my favorite Molletes with Pico de Gallo and 21 Day Fix Tacos within the next few days!

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