Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sick on a sunny seashore.

It has been such a beautiful week with all the sunshine and seaside fun, but my allergies are killing the buzz. 

I have had a blast thus far and wouldn't trade anything for what has happened, but dang my allergies. It seems as if the days are mediocre and then the nights are horrid. I get all congested, cough-contaminated and sore throated. As I am lying here in the hotel bed with Kameron out of it beside me, I realize that you take the good with the bad and never look back! I have enjoyed this vacation extremely so far!! I know I keep saying that, but it is true.

The weather was beautiful today and Kameron got discouraged yesterday because the pool water was really cold and he didn't think he was boogie boarding right. I changed that attitude real quick. He jumped back on and headed after the waves today right before he jumped in the pool again. Needless to say it was easy to talk him back into getting in the water another day. We got up and went to the beach, Kameron swam in the pool and his ear started hurting so I took him back to the room and we covered up and got warm, took a nap, ate dinner, went shopping and watched the white caps roll in. As we were shopping the first store we went into had baby turtles and he had his mind set that he would buy one of those. He had enough money and he wanted one really bad, but he called his momma and she said no. He got a little upset at that as any kid would, but going into a few more stores, a chocolate ice cream cone covered in rainbow sprinkles and a pair of sunglasses later and he wasn't as upset!

After I took Kameron to the beach after the sun started to set he enjoyed hearing the ocean without people around. When you go to the ocean at night you have no other choice but to just listen instead of looking. There is nothing to please the eye except the white caps. It brings so much more to the table just taking in the sounds of the sea. When we got on the elevator and he mashed the buttons the doors started to close and he turned around, looked up at me and said, "Jennifer today was so much fun." That right there was worth everything in the world!

I promised him that we were going shell scouting in the morning. There are always lots of shells in the morning and I plan on getting him a ton while we are out there. He will be ready to get up in 5 hours, but I on the other hand will be dragging so I will leave with a few pictures. :)

"Save the earth." Kameron drew the earth and put that caption underneath.

He was intrigued with this & examined it thoroughly. 

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