Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Interracial Relationship Is...

.... also what this video suggests....

I write this post as Nick and I approach our one-year anniversary. I've heard stories of people who were nervous or anxious when they were on their first date with their significant other, but I can happily say I was never nervous. I always felt at ease with him.

Cute - Our first date was on January 4th, 2013 and I remember EXACTLY what happened. I knew he was something special from the moment we started talking. It also took me saying the word "right" four different times before he actually understood because my accent is so thick.

Surprising - We have DEFINITELY had a waitress completely dismiss the fact that Nick was with us one time. She thought he wasn't with me even though we were standing side-by-side in front of my mom and brother... Surprise! Good thing we are light-hearted people and it made us chuckle instead of simmer!

Sexy - Because he is everything I wanted and more in a man and that is definitely sexy.

Weird - Definitely had more than one person tell me that we will have cute babies.

Silly - I laugh more than I can count when I am with him. Just last night we had this really funny event happen. We were looking at Valentine's cards at Target and we both picked separate cards and turned at the exact same time only to switch cards and they both had the same premise. I don't feel like going into too much detail, but it was refreshingly ironic and sweet. I kept laughing for at least a couple of minutes.

Beautiful - Any relationship where you can be yourself and be loved is beautiful.

Educational - Nick has taught me so much and helped me realize things about myself I never knew. Even if it is the simple things such as you can leave leftovers in the oven and not die after eating them or if it is deep-rooted religious information, he has taught me so much. He has made me a better person.

Awkward - Even if it is awkward when I slobber all over his bicep at night or carry on conversations in my sleep.

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