Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day or Feast Day?

So this post is a mixture of great grocery deals, my inability to do nothing all day and how it affected my first snow day in Charleston.

1. Let me just share my love of Harris Teeter. I signed up for a VIC-Card (their store card) and saved $200+ last year. I wasn't one to bounce from store-to-store for great deals, especially in college, but I am now. I finally realized Wal*Mart isn't always the cheapest place (obviously) but growing up in a rural part of Alabama left a scarce amount of options growing up. As I moved to college I realized that actually going to a grocery store for groceries could be your best bet. Who would've thought, huh? I could make a whole post simply related to the fact that grocery stores in low-income communities are more-often terrible than not. Even though you go to grocery stores that are tailored to lower-income families they aren't always the best which is appalling. Not to mention the food desert issue.

---> So to actually get to my point Harris Teeter ran a sale last week for a dozen large-white eggs for .99 and I couldn't pass it up; therefore, I bought five dozen and that leads me to my next point. I think I am incapable of doing absolutely nothing all day unless I am sick. I never really thought about it until one day I told Nick I was going to do nothing all day and finally caved about five hours later. His response was exactly this, "Baby, is there just one day you don't do anything?" Yeah, he got me so with my now-recognized inability to relax, last night I prepped for our first snow day in Charleston. I took the deal I got at Harris Teeter and the other great deal I got at Food Lion (12-ounce bag of fresh cranberries for .50) and made a feast for the entire village.

I decided to use up one of the four bags of cranberries I bought and made homemade cranberry sauce for the first time! I know, it is crazy but I have alway used Ocean Spray canned sauce. In case you want the recipe it is ridiculously simple and can be found right here!

12-ounces of cranberries, washed
1-cup of granulated sugar
1-cup water
---> 1. Bring to a boil the water and sugar. Once boiling, pour the cranberries in and continue to boil while stirring occasionally until the skins pop off.
---> 2. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Once cooled store in fridge until ready to serve.
Of course I have to include a picture of my final product!

So to finish out this blog post my inability to relax, my great grocery deals and my choice to prepare for any potential snow day concerns led me to this feast.

1 dish of beef stroganoff
1 bowl of homemade cranberry sauce
1 casserole dish of cornbread dressing
10 hard-boiled eggs
16 oatmeal cinnamon cookie bars

Yeah, I went to the extreme for us not to lose power or get snowed in, but now I have dinner and lunch for several days! Hooray for snow days where I lounge, try to do nothing and feast all day. This is like Christmas all over again. Enjoy your snow day Charleston because I sure am.

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  1. Dang, girl! I'm impressed. I also love the Hairy Teat and still carry my VIC card in my wallet even though there aren't any even close to Washington.
    I did just discover that the hobby shop (like model cars and balsa wood) I live next door to has fresh produce. ...whaaaat? It's my new favorite grocery store.



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