Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Looks I Love Under $20

--> As I was walking to my car this afternoon a young lady yelled out her window and said she loved my dress.
--> As I was walking to work several months ago a lady stopped me on the sidewalk and asked me where I got my dress.
--> On the way to a meeting one morning another woman told me she loved my dress and asked where I got it.
--> In the airport I was told I looked "so couture."
--> I've been asked if I took fashion classes.

I have three things to say:
1. I don't wear pants often (every blue moon) because they don't flatter my body.
2. I don't believe you have to spend a lot to look great; it is all about the fit. If you can find something that fits your body and flatters your curves then you'll feel great; therefore, you'll look great!
3. Below are some of my favorite dresses (all of which are under $20) that I've all gotten compliments on, but my favorite isn't below because that's for another post!

1. Color block dress I bought for $18 at Ross Dress for Less.
2. Light and flowy coral dress perfect for the spring. I purchased las spring for $16 at Ross
3. A very light Miss Tina patterned dress that gathers at the waist. I bought it for, you'll never guess, a $1 at Wal*Mart.
4. An office-friendly outfit that transitions to a cute night-out dress. I matched it with a belt I already had instead of the default black patent leather belt that came with it. I purchased it for $16 at, yup you guessed it, Ross.
5. Last but not least, my favorite summer dress. It has pockets and is 100 percent cotton. It came with the brown leather belt all for $14 at Ross.

Remember that you don't have to spend a lot to look expensive. I refuse to purchase anything over $20 and I still get dozens of compliments. Just this week I have gotten two compliments and it is only Tuesday. Just be comfortable with what you select and wear it like you mean it!

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  1. You look amazing Jen! Ross is one of my favorites too. They also have great bargains on heels and sandals. Seeing these looks makes me want to go on a Ross run!



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