Saturday, February 22, 2014

Things I Learned In College

As I quickly reach 25 years old I find myself looking back and not realizing how long ago it was that I started college, let alone high school. It has been six years since I started college and with all the reflection I decided to put together a list of 25 things I learned in college and things young women should know as they are preparing for life in general. 

1. You have five seconds to make a first impression; you better make it count because it is hard to change someone's mind.
2. Don't skip your appointment for work study; you won't be able to get that opportunity back.
3. When someone knocks on your dorm door, don't ignore it. It could be something important.
5. If he was into you then you would know and you wouldn't have to question it.
6. Study each week for each class because it will pay off.
7. Even though grades do count, volunteer hours are almost as important.
8. Network, network, network; especially with your professors.
9. Know how to divide your personal life, school life and work life and do so appropriately.
10. Buy a professional outfit (dress, slacks, blazer, skirt, shoes) once a month because jeans and t-shirts won't cut it once you graduate.

12. Take trips with your friends on spring break; your college years are prime time for this.
13. Don't go anywhere without your phone. This may sound materialistic, but I mention this because of safety. A lot of people prey on college students, especially female college students. Always carry your phone for emergencies and make sure it is charged!
14. If you get the chance to live in a dorm, take it and make friends with others in your dorm.
15. Take pictures throughout the college experience.
16. Make sure to talk to your parents on a regular basis.

18. Drink plenty of water. Even when you go out to drink sip on a couple of glasses of water. Waking up hungover isn't fun and your body will thank you down the road.
19. Don't fake who you are. College is about exploring your options and determining who you want to be. If you're fake, you're only hurting yourself.
20. Know what is going on in the world, your state, your town and your campus. Pick up a school newspaper, download a news app and stay up-to-date.
21. Do an internship. Less than 40 percent of polled-hiring managers believe college graduates are ready for a job in their field of study, according to a USAToday poll. So learn how to use Office Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

23. Coffee isn't the solution; remember an apple and a glass of ice water gives you more energy than a cup of coffee.
24. Don't sunbathe because 30 years down the road who cares if you went to Cancun and was really tan. You'll be really wrinkly and leather-like as a result.

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