Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Giveaway

I just have to take the time to let the world know what an awesome mom I have. She is so talented, strong and plain out amazing. I submitted her to win a Lane Bryant makeover for Mother's Day. I would like to ask you to take a moment out of your time and vote for her to win this trip to the Lane Bryant headquarters to receive a $500 makeover.

If you'd like to read my submission it is below. If you'd like to vote for her please click here.


  1. The mother with the most votes via Facebook will receive the makeover. 
  2. If you vote please share with your friends so they can vote as well. 
  3. If you decide not to vote for my mom at least read my submission. I want to brag and show everyone how exceptional my mom really is, because she deserves every bit of the recognition she could potentially receive because of this contest!  

My Submission:

For the past nine years my mom has worked two jobs, at times three, to ensure my brother and I had everything we needed. My dad had a series of surgeries throughout my middle and high school years and eventually lost his factory job while I was in college. My mom supported our family with her tiresome schedule because both jobs barely put her earning over minimum wage, $7 in Alabama.

With her grueling hours and admirable determination she was able to ensure our well being, to allow my brother and I to join high school clubs, take advanced courses in high school and overall better ourselves. She was a huge factor in ensuring that we were also able to attend The University of Alabama so that we could better ourselves and not struggle like she has. Because of her I was a first generation college student and my brother is set to graduate this year. Last year my mom had to give up one of her jobs because of her deteriorating health and now barely makes ends meet, yet works upwards of 40-60 hours a week. When she was 18 she got to model for Lane Bryant at a local mall and still has the photo as a memento. Now, I live eight hours away and haven't seen her in months. I couldn't think of any better way to celebrate her than with this opportunity that deserves more than I could ever put into 250 words.

Please remember to vote for my beautiful, inside and out, mom by clicking here.

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