Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favorite: Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning

This week's Friday Favorite goes to Good Mythical Morning's Rhett and Link!

Nick and I watch their Youtube channel each night while we eat dinner. It is literally one of the highlights of my day. I am a fan of each and every one of their videos. I do have my favorites, but overall they're awesome! The first time I watched their videos I immediately picked up on their accent and knew they were from the south. They're originally from N.C., but now reside in Los Angeles.

They post videos about a wide range of topics, but never fail to make Nick and I laugh. I suggest you go watch their videos now! You can catch their channel by clicking here.

Below is a video of them playing the Wright Brothers in an Epic Rap Battles video. Below you will also find one of my favorite videos of them. Their dialogue is so candid at points and they've been friends for several decades so it is very realistic and relatable.

P.S. I am totally giddy at the fact that Rhett and Link could potentially be reading this right now.

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