Thursday, August 7, 2014

What A 150-Pound Weight-Loss Looks Like

As you know I am on a constant struggle to stay active and healthy on a budget, which gets extremely hard. I like to keep my weight loss total at 100 just because I flaunt that line between pounds simply because the summer here in Charleston is hot and that allows less time during my lunch breaks to walk three miles, I burn, like wood on a fire, in the sun and my schedule has gotten extremely hectic.

I have told bits and pieces of my story multiple times on my blog but today I want to highlight someone else. I read this story via Fit Sugar and it is very inspirational! He highlights the importance of maintaining a successful lifestyle change and gives hope to all who struggle with their weight. Just from reading this article he has given me added hope even though my plateaus are too often now and I haven't seen huge drops in my weight in several months. I always like to live by this: "If you don't want to keep starting over, never stop. If you fall off routine just keep going because standing up after a complete fall is harder than standing up after a minor slip."

Please check out Tony Forte's fabulous story by clicking here.

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